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Leisure & amenities

Hospitality, leisure, shops and more

LUSEP has a number of restaurants and cafés within LUSEP, with a four-star hotel with a bar restaurant, spa and conference facilities very close by. The wider campus offers a wealth of cafés and bars. The University also provides a delivered catering service to LUSEP companies.

Loughborough is the world’s Number 1 University for Sport, so you are spoilt for choice for outstanding indoor and outdoor facilities including fitness trails and classes throughout the year.

Live music and comedy are provided by the University’s Arts Programme and the multi award-winning Students’ Union.

Language classes for leisure and business are available and there is also an extremely diverse range of public lectures, master classes and workshops.

Campus amenities available to LUSEP companies include a post room, creative and print services, library, pharmacy, dentist, optician, hairdresser, physiotherapist, nursery, several grocery and newsagents, a bank and multiple ATMs across campus.

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